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Zhengzhou Machinery officially launched "Dandelion Action"

On October 21, Zhengzhou Machinery held the launching ceremony of Dandelion Action in Qingdao, which marked that Zhengzhou Machinery officially opened the prelude to the deep transformation and innovation of the organization and the implementation of the user-centered enterprise value chain. Director of the High-Quality Development Service Team of Shandong Province, the leader of the Zhengzhou Machinery Group and the Director of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, attended the launching ceremony and was full of hope for the future development of Zhengzhou Machinery.

Dandelion is a common plant in nature. Although she is ordinary and ordinary, she is extremely strong. After the flowers bloom, she flies to the new place to breed new life. Once the spring breeze blows, she will immediately rejuvenate and grow rapidly in the mountains and plains. For the traditional manufacturing industry such as Zhengzhou Machinery, it is urgent to adapt to the development of the times and re-examine the development model of the enterprise. Taking the user as the core to reshape the enterprise value chain, implementing deep changes in the organization, and realizing the high-quality and high-speed growth of the enterprise, Zhengzhou Machinery called this internal self-change action "Dandelion Action".

In recent years, the development of Internet technology has changed people's lives, but also penetrated into various industries such as finance, industry, and service industries. New technologies, new products, and new trends have emerged, and the impact on traditional manufacturing is obvious. China's traditional manufacturing enterprises face a series of challenges such as overcapacity, rising costs, segmentation of demand, and the need to improve the global industrial chain. Just as a coin has both sides, the emergence of the Internet and its derivative technology have brought tremendous changes to all industries, and it is expected to completely change the operation mode of all aspects of the machinery manufacturing industry. Whoever seizes the opportunity to achieve business model innovation, it is possible to achieve a corner overtaking.

After 60 years of unyielding efforts and struggle, Zhengzhou Machinery has developed into a leading enterprise in China's machine tool accessories industry. It has Shandong Enterprise Technology R&D Center and “China Well-known Trademark”. Its products are sold well in more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. . "But compared with the goal of Zhengzhou Machinery to become the 'invisible champion' of the national machine tool accessories industry, the innovation is far from enough; compared with the traditional industrial upgrading requirements under the industrial Internet situation, our depth or breadth of the enterprise status change It is also far from enough; compared with the personalized needs of users, our company's awareness and comprehensive ability to meet customer needs is far from enough. We urgently need a deep innovation, whether from the realization of strategy or from action. To the end, we need to change. In fact, we are already on the way to action," Sun Baorui, chairman of Zhengzhou Machinery, stressed.

Wang Feng, the representative of the Zhengzhou machinery manager, solemnly promised “5 is” to the dealer representatives attending the meeting that “they are more important than ever”

First is to pay more attention to quality than ever before. The concept of a quality factory is deeply imprinted on the minds of every levy, implemented in action, and melted into the blood. From raw material procurement, heat treatment process to appearance accuracy, we dare to relax and provide high-quality products to our customers efficiently.

Second, more attention is paid to product delivery than ever before. In 2019, Zhengzhou Machinery will invest 20 million new equipment, innovate the process, implement new measures for cellular warehouses and forward orders, and pay deferred delivery liquidated fees to agents on time for failure to deliver on time. Pay equal attention to domestic customers and foreign customers, with the same scheduling and the same delivery date.

Third, it is more important than ever to maintain the interests of dealers. The distributors and the levy machinery are dependent on each other, and they share the honor and disgrace. They support the regional first-level dealers to become bigger and stronger, have more room for display, and grow together with the levy machinery. The company will launch more new products, continue to enrich product varieties, and meet the individual needs of the market.

The fourth is to pay more attention to brand management than ever before. Reform and innovation from product technology, material support, product packaging, quality control management and many other aspects. Implement multi-brand operation strategy, online and offline, domestic and foreign, misplaced development, to meet the different needs of users in different countries and regions.

Fifth, more emphasis on internal management and innovation than ever before. Reorganize and iteratively update organizational structure, business model, product strategy, brand management, etc., to adapt to new developments.

This change has been highly recognized by the majority of dealers. 42 dealers signed a licensing agreement with Zhengzhou Machinery, and 15 dealers signed a honeycomb warehouse agreement on site. A dealer from Guangdong shouted, "I am a veteran of the industry. I am a newcomer to the dealers of the levy machinery. I came to the dealer conference. I have a lot of confidence. The agreed sales are not a problem. I am coming to take the next step. Level dealership qualification"

“The twilight sky looks indomitable pine tree, and the chaotic clouds are still calm. The deep-seated changes should comprehensively open up the two lines of Rendu, which affects the healthy and rapid development of enterprises, thus forming a vivid situation of thousands of sails and hundreds of battles.” Wang Feng said emotionally, we We hope to form a temperature-based industrial ecological cycle with dealers and customers that will benefit each other and win each other.

Zhang Haiqing, secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out that Pingyuan County, where Zhengzhou Machinery is located, is a China engine tool attachment industry cluster base. It has a pivotal position in China's machine tool accessories industry. There are more than 300 enterprises in the forestry industry, most of which are the sequel to the levitation machinery. Zhengzhou Machinery is willing to make a colorful and colorful dandelion, sowing the seeds of innovation. Whenever the breeze comes, it will surely give birth to a vitality.