Looking at the golden pines in the dim dusk - Zhengzhou Machinery officially launched "Operation Dandelion"

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2023-09-16 16:25


On October 21st, Zhengzhou Machinery held the launch ceremony of "Operation Dandelion" in Qingdao, which marked the official beginning of Zhengzhou Machinery's in-depth transformation and innovation of the organization and the implementation of user-centered corporate value chain reshaping. Leader of the Zhengzhou Machinery Group of the Shandong Province Private Enterprise High-Quality Development Service Team and Director Hou Liping of the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau attended the launching ceremony and were full of expectations for the future development of Zhengzhou Machinery.


Dandelion is a common plant in nature. Although she is ordinary and ordinary, she has a strong vitality. After the flower blooms, it floats in the wind to new places to give birth to new life. Once the spring breeze blows, it immediately takes on new life and grows rapidly all over the mountains and plains. For traditional manufacturing industries like Zhengzhou Machinery, there is an urgent need to adapt to the development of the times and re-examine the enterprise development model. Zhengzhou Machinery reshapes the enterprise value chain with users as the core, implements in-depth organizational changes, and achieves high-quality and high-speed growth of the enterprise. Zhengzhou Machinery calls this internal self-transformation action "Dandelion Action."


In recent years, the development of Internet technology has changed people's lives, and has also penetrated into various industrial fields such as finance, industry, and service industries. New technologies, new products, and new trends are constantly emerging, and their impact on traditional manufacturing is obvious. my country's traditional manufacturing enterprises face a series of challenges such as overcapacity, rising costs, demand segmentation trends, and an urgent need to improve their status in the global industrial chain. Just like a coin has two sides, the emergence of the Internet and its derived technologies has brought huge changes to all industries. It is also expected to completely change the operating model of all aspects of the machinery manufacturing industry. There are opportunities in crises. Whoever seizes the opportunity and realizes business model innovation will be able to overtake others around the corner.


The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that we should accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and pointed out the direction for the transformation and development path of traditional manufacturing enterprises.

Whether we can seize the opportunity of the Industrial Internet may be related to the rise and fall of traditional manufacturing. Internet thinking originated from the Internet industry. It refers to a way of thinking that re-examines users, products, corporate value chains, and even the entire business ecology based on the characteristics of the Internet in the Internet era. Its essence is to pursue efficiency and quality, and it makes companies more attractive. Smarter, faster response, more proactive and rapid capture of market trends, rapid response to customer needs, and quick response to users' personalized customization. The company develops and grows in the process.
After 60 years of unyielding efforts and struggle, Zhengzhou Machinery has developed into a leading enterprise in my country's machine tool accessories industry. It owns the Shandong Enterprise Technology R&D Center and a "China Famous Trademark". Its products are sold well in more than 50 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. . "But compared with Zhengzhou Machinery's goal of becoming the 'hidden champion' of the national machine tool accessories industry, the innovation intensity is far from enough; compared with the traditional industrial upgrading requirements under the industrial Internet situation, the depth of our changes to the current status of the enterprise is still broad. , is far from enough; compared with the personalized needs of users, our company's awareness and comprehensive ability to meet customer needs are also far from enough. We now urgently need a deep-level innovation, whether from awareness to strategy or from action As for the results, everything needs to change. In fact, we are already on the road to action," Sun Baorui, chairman of Zhengzhou Machinery, emphasized.

Wang Feng, the management representative of Zhengzhou Machinery, made a solemn promise to the dealer representatives attending the meeting to pay more attention to 5 things than ever before:

One is to focus more on quality than ever before. The concept of building a factory with quality is deeply imprinted in the mind of every Zhengzhou employee, implemented in action, and melted in the blood. From raw material procurement, heat treatment process to appearance accuracy, we do not slack off in the slightest to provide customers with high-quality products efficiently.

Second, more emphasis is placed on product delivery than ever before. In 2019, Zhengzhou Machinery will invest 20 million in updating equipment, innovating process processes, and implementing new measures for cellular warehouses and forward orders. If it cannot deliver as scheduled, it will pay liquidated damages for delayed delivery to the agent on a daily basis. We pay equal attention to domestic customers and foreign customers, arrange production on the same basis, and deliver on the same schedule.

Third, we are paying more attention than ever to safeguarding the interests of dealers. Dealers and Zhengzhou Machinery are closely interdependent and share weal and woe. We support regional first-level dealers to become bigger and stronger, have greater room for development, and grow together with Zhengzhou Machinery. The company will launch more new products and continuously enrich product varieties to meet the personalized needs of the market.

Fourth, we will pay more attention to brand management than ever before. Reform and innovation will be carried out in many aspects such as product technology, material guarantee, product packaging, quality control management, etc. Implement a multi-brand operation strategy, online and offline, domestic and foreign, staggered development to meet the different needs of users in different countries and regions.

Fifth, we pay more attention to internal management and change and innovation than ever before. Reorganize and iteratively update the organizational structure, business model, product strategy, brand management, etc. to adapt to the new development trend.

This change has been highly recognized by dealers. 42 dealers signed authorization agreements with Zhengzhou Machinery, and 15 dealers signed cellular warehouse agreements on site. A dealer from Guangdong shouted, "I am a veteran in the industry and a newcomer to Zhengzhou Machinery dealers. I came to attend the dealer conference. I am very confident. The agreed sales volume is not a problem. I will win the first prize when I come." "level dealer qualification".

"Looking at the pines in the dusk, you can still fly through the chaotic clouds calmly. Deep-seated reforms must comprehensively open up the two channels of responsibility and supervision that affect the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, so as to form a vivid situation of thousands of sails racing across the river and hundreds of teams competing for success." Wang Feng said emotionally, we We hope to form a warm industrial ecological cycle that is mutually beneficial and complementary with dealers and customers.

Zhang Haiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out: Pingyuan County, where Zhengzhou Machinery is located, is the base of China's machine tool accessories industry cluster and plays a decisive role in China's machine tool accessories industry. There are more than 300 enterprises of various types, most of which are the continuation of the spark of Zhengzhou Machinery. Zhengzhou Machinery is willing to be a colorful dandelion and sow the seeds of innovation. Whenever the breeze blows, it will definitely breed vitality.