Pingyuan has created an industrial cluster “loaded” with an industrial Internet platform

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2023-09-15 16:40·Lightning News January 4th: There are many traditional industries in Pingyuan County, Dezhou City, and there are more small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial chain. In order to achieve the overall improvement and high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the entire industry chain, Pingyuan has created an industrial cluster "loaded" with an industrial Internet platform. A few days ago, reporters conducted a visit in this regard.



Recently, more than 20 companies in Pingyuan County have jointly placed a batch of orders for machine tool accessories to be exported to Germany.

"Our order is worth 40 million yuan, and we adopt unified procurement, unified monitoring, unified inspection, and unified trademark methods to complete it together." Gao Tong, director of the comprehensive management department of Shandong Pingyuan Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., said.

Pingyuan County is known as the "Hometown of Machine Tool Accessories in China" and has more than 300 machine tool accessories manufacturing companies. Although it has formed a huge industrial cluster, most of the companies are very small and have encountered difficulties in purchasing raw materials.

Zhang Peizhi, director of the Science and Technology and Industry Information Bureau of Pingyuan County, said, "High-quality steel resources are generally in the hands of large companies. If small companies purchase them separately, the manufacturers will not deliver them at all. They can only buy some second-class steel."

Gao Tong, director of the comprehensive management department of Pingyuan Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., said, "Although everyone purchases steel, the types and thicknesses they need are different. For example, my family needs 5 tons of a certain type of steel, and others Each household needs 3 tons, and it would be very troublesome to count more than 300 of them one by one, not to mention that there is more than one kind of steel purchased each time.”

After careful calculation, the relevant departments found that these companies consume more than 100,000 tons of high-quality steel every year. If everyone joins together to purchase goods in a centralized manner, they will have advantages in supply and bidding. Under the leadership of the government, a centralized procurement company came into being, which summarizes corporate needs every half month and implements unified procurement.

The cost has come down, but a new problem has arisen. More than 300 companies need more than 100,000 kinds of materials. How to count each company's needs clearly and how to achieve accurate matching?

How to quickly summarize and accurately match more than 100,000 kinds of materials? The Pingyuan County Government took the lead in building a new industrial Internet platform for machine tool accessories. The platform links the full-process industrial data of raw materials, production, and sales of more than 300 companies, and performs big data integration calculations.

According to preliminary estimates, with the help of the integrated transformation of the industrial Internet platform, the overall procurement costs of enterprises in the cluster have been reduced by 10%, and the delivery cycle has been shortened by one-fifth. Now, with the growing stickiness among cluster enterprises, relying on the industrial Internet platform, functions such as residual material sharing, equipment sharing, production capacity sharing, and brand sharing have been gradually developed and applied. In 2022, the annual output value of the cluster will exceed 2 billion yuan.