Li Kuanting and other 10 people were awarded the title of "Top Ten Meritorious Figures"

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2023-09-15 17:23

Wang Feng, CEO of Zhengzhou Machinery, believes that the company's hard-won development achievements embody the sentiments and efforts of generations of Zhengzhou people to develop business and serve the country, and embody the spirit of Zhengzhou people in the past generations to adapt to the times and innovate and seek change.

Over the past 60 years, generations of Zhengzhou people have devoted themselves to the development of the enterprise. Some of them have led the development direction of Zhengzhou, and some have continued to pay attention to and support Zhengzhou and wave the flag. They have all made outstanding contributions in different historical periods of the development of Zhengzhou machinery. Among them, Li Kuanting, former director of Pingyuan Machinery Factory, Zhang Pinghe, former chairman of Zhengzhou Company, Yang Wenping, former chairman of Pingyuan CPPCC, Yu Jianhua, former deputy magistrate of Pingyuan County, Zhang Xia, chairman of Qingdao Yingshiqi Company, and chairman of Guangzhou Quanyue Machine Tool Parts Company Chen Suiguang, Sun Qingfu, former vice chairman of Zhengzhou Company, Li Guangji, former Pingyuan Agricultural Machinery Factory, Zhao Lixiang, former director of Pingyuan County Finance Office, Liu Minglin, chief expert of Zhengzhou Machinery, etc. were selected as the "Top Ten Meritorious Figures" of Zhengzhou Machinery in the past 60 years. The devotees, supporters, witnesses and boosters of Zhengzhou's development have made indelible contributions to the development of Zhengzhou Machinery. Zhang Daobao, captain of the Texas Second Team of the Shandong Provincial High-Quality Service Team and second-level inspector of the Shandong Provincial Government Affairs Administration, presented awards to the winners.


"Pingyuan Machinery Factory is my nostalgia," said Yang Wenping, chairman of the Pingyuan County CPPCC who has worked at Pingyuan Machinery Factory for 13 years, with emotion. "It should be said that the machinery factory trained me, and the workers in the machinery factory educated me. If I still have many good habits, they are the result of the machinery factory training me. For example, punctuality, responsibility, etc. Meticulousness in work, such as innovation, are all learned from the excellent qualities of the machinery factory." Chairman Yang Wenping left Pingyuan Machinery Factory due to job adjustments, but he has always cared about and supported Zhengzhou. In addition, Zhengzhou Machinery employees were very moved.
Li Kuanting, the old director of Pingyuan Machinery Factory, is a leader in leading the transformation of the engineering industry. He led Pingyuan Machinery Factory to achieve a magnificent turn by changing the production of machine tool accessories. Zhang Pinghe, the former chairman of Zhengzhou Company, introduced that Zhengzhou Machinery began to transform in the 1980s and entered the machine tool accessories industry, constantly developing new products from scratch. By 2006, the National Comprehensive Economic Benefit Index of Machine Tool Accessories Zhengzhou Machinery ranks among the top 3. After the rapid development of the company, facing the complicated external environment, Zhengzhou people stick to the main business, adhere to quality, insist on independent innovation, focus on the upgrading of products, and regard flat-nose pliers as a With key breakthroughs, the product line has been continuously deepened and extended, with the minimum being one inch and the longest being one meter, and the accessories of machine tool pliers being interchangeable. Zhengzhou people insist on product innovation and upgrading, and firmly grasp the machine tool industry Development opportunities have enabled the company to grow rapidly.
Sun Qingfu, the old leader of Zhengzhou Machinery, is full of emotions about the development of Zhengzhou Machinery to this day: Zhengzhou currently has a total of 18 series with a total of 23,000 specifications, ranking first in product variety in the international machine tool accessories industry. Among them, the products are exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States, accounting for more than 75% of the total products.

Chen Suiguang, chairman of Guangzhou Quanyue Machine Tool Parts Co., Ltd., believes that the success of Zhengzhou Company today is the result of the continuous innovation of generations of Zhengzhou people and is something to be proud of. He believes that the basis for Zhengzhou's product market competition to win is the primary quality. , high-quality products will gain long-term recognition from the market and cultivate a group of loyal and reliable dealers.
Guangzhou Quanyue is a witness and participant in the market monopoly of Zhengzhou R8 chucks. At that time, the quality of Taiwanese products was good. After Zhengzhou paid close attention to quality to meet user needs, as Zhengzhou's production capacity increased, Guangzhou Quanyue became the agent for R8 springs. The market sales volume of chucks continues to increase. Chen Suiguang said that the company has always placed the sales of Zhengzhou products as the top priority. All sales staff must understand the technical parameters of the products, the differences in accuracy, hardness, performance and other manufacturers to help customers understand Zhengzhou. Zhang Xia, chairman of Qingdao Yingshiqi, has been acting as an export agent for Zhengzhou products since she graduated from university. More than 20 years have passed and Zhengzhou products worth tens of millions of dollars have been sold to all over the world. Li Lianji was the leader of Yuan Zhengzhou Company who grew up among outstanding front-line workers. He became ill due to overwork and died young, which is regrettable.
Zhengzhou Machinery is the first company in Pingyuan County to be listed on the New Third Board. This collective enterprise born out of Lubei County needs to rely on the power of capital to achieve another leap forward. Zhao Lixiang, the former director of Pingyuan County Finance Office, is Zhengzhou Machinery’s As a promoter and witness of listing on the New OTC Market, Pingyuan County actively guides companies to connect with the capital market, formulates and implements supporting policies, encourages companies to go public, provides good services for companies to go public, and takes the capital express. In September 2014, Zhengzhou Machinery successfully launched in the New OTC market. It was listed on the Third Board and was the first New Third Board listed company in Dezhou City with more than 200 shareholders. Zhao Lixiang played an important role.
Whether he was the director of the County Economic and Trade Committee or the deputy county magistrate, Yu Jianhua had always been meticulous and caring for Zhengzhou Machinery, a local enterprise. Liu Minglin, a top student who graduated from Shandong University, has devoted his entire youth to Zhengzhou Machinery focusing on the machine tool accessories industry.

It is officially due to the perseverance and efforts of Zhengzhou people in the past generations that we have achieved today's hard-won business performance. Let us always remember these pioneers.