Liang Hongling and others were awarded the title of "Top Ten Gold Medal Craftsmen"

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2023-09-15 17:11

Stable and reliable advanced machine tools are the foundation of a strong manufacturing country. The quality of machine tool accessories is as important as the machine tool itself. The reason why Zhengzhou Machinery can become a leading company in precision machine tool accessories is inseparable from the large number of "craftsman spirit" cultivated over the past 60 years. Practitioner. Liang Hongling, maintenance worker of the production department, Zhang Zhiguo, CNC milling machine miller of the first workshop, Shi Wenke, grinder grinder of the sixth workshop, Ren Jihui, grinder grinder of the sixth workshop, Wang Zhaoju, a fitter of the first workshop, Liu Tao, a fitter of the heat treatment furnace of the first workshop, Liang Weiguo, a CNC lathe turner of the third workshop, high-precision grinder of the third workshop Jia Xinfei, the grinder, Shao Chunsheng, the electrician of the production department, and Lin Zhiyong, the lathe turner of the fifth workshop, were awarded the "Top Ten Gold Medal Craftsmen" for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Zhengzhou Machinery. Among them, Zhang Zhiguo and Lin Zhiyong were awarded the honorary title of "Pingyuan Craftsmen" by Pingyuan County in 2019!
According to Liu Minglin, who has just been awarded the "Top Ten Meritorious Figures" of Zhengzhou Machinery, in addition to lean manufacturing based on "gold medal craftsmen", Zhengzhou Machinery has established a professional quality control team and rigorous quality inspection procedures over the years, which can ensure Product quality allows customers to buy with confidence and use with satisfaction; in terms of technology, it has formed strong technological research and development advantages, established the Shandong Province One Enterprise, One Technology Research and Development Center, and obtained 15 national patents, as well as provincial and municipal technological innovations. With nearly a dozen items, the technical level is at the leading level in the industry. It can customize products according to the actual needs of customers and provide technical services to customers at the same time!

Liu Minglin's views were confirmed by Zhang Xia, chairman of Qingdao Yingshiqi Trading Co., Ltd. Qingdao Yingshiqi Trading Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with Zhengzhou Machinery since 1993. Over the past 26 years, it has established a deep trust and promoted Zhengzhou Machinery to become a partner of a world-famous brand. Zhang Xia introduced that Yingshiqi’s customer base has very high requirements on quality and delivery time. Only a company like Zhengzhou can reassure customers. As long as foreign customers want to purchase machine tool accessories, Yingshiqi always chooses Zhengzhou. Firstly, Zhengzhou has a team of skilled workers. Secondly, Zhengzhou has a relatively strict quality control system. Piece-by-piece inspection in the workshop and random inspections in the warehouse ensure product quality!