There is always spring in a thousand colors---"Tudu" brand machine tool accessories are launched in thousands of styles

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2023-09-15 17:09

Red tiles, green trees, blue sea and sky. On May 23, 2019, the island city was sunny and sunny. The first Qingdao International Industrial Expo opened grandly at the World Expo City in Qingdao West Coast New District. The expo lasted for three days and attracted many high-precision equipment manufacturing products. The focus was on CNC machine tools. , laser cutting equipment, industrial automation, industrial robots, forging machinery, welding, casting machinery, power transmission and control technology and other high-end technical equipment and basic equipment.

At the B03 booth in Hall S2, Shandong Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.'s "Tutu" brand machine tool accessories launch event is in full swing. Well-known experts from the industry, many agents and audiences gathered at the scene to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new brand of Chinese machine tool accessories - "TUTU", which launched thousands of products. Hou Liping, leader of the Shandong Provincial High-Quality Service Team's expedition team, Wang Feng, president of the Texas Machine Tool Association, representatives of German Diebold and German Carl Zeiss cut the ribbon for the product launch.
Zhengzhou Machinery is a mechanical parts manufacturer with a history of 60 years. It is the leader of the Pingyuan machine tool accessories industry cluster and the core enterprise of China's small machine tool accessories industry. In order to meet the needs of the vast domestic market, the "Tutu" machine tool accessories series launched this time are characterized by high cost performance, fast delivery and good quality assurance, striving to create the "Wal-Mart" of small machine tool accessories in China, thus forming a "German The three brands of "Expert", "Zhengzhou" and "Tutu" have clear positioning, each has its own beauty, and has a staggered development of brand positioning and operation system, so as to better meet the differentiated needs of customers.

The market launch ceremony of the "Tutu" machine tool accessories series of thousands of types and products marks that Zhengzhou Machinery has taken a substantial step on the road of being customer-oriented, quality-guaranteed, and better meeting the needs of different markets and multiple levels. . The “Tutu” brand product lines promoted this time mainly include GT combination flat-nose pliers, QGG tool flat-nose pliers, QKG tool flat-nose pliers, woodworking chucks, 5C clamps, Q24 sets, horizontal milling cutter arbors, boring tools, boring heads, and boring tools. There are a total of 37 categories of tool handles, tool holders, tool holders, cutter discs, locking tool seats, extension rods, various reducing sleeves, etc., and nearly 200 subcategories, including CNC tool handles, rivets, pressure caps, and collets. , which is more detailed in accuracy classification.



Zhengzhou Machinery's sub-brand "Tutu" has platform attributes. Pingyuan Yunke Intelligent Sharing Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Zhengzhou Machinery, is the operating entity of this project. Yunke Intelligent Company has inherited Zhengzhou Machinery’s high standards for product quality in all aspects, adopted the internationally advanced AQL sampling inspection system, and set the sampling value The regulations are more stringent, and all new product lines are inspected one by one to find the correct positioning in the most basic areas of the market and unswervingly provide customers with cost-effective products and services.