Shandong Province High-Quality Development Service Team conducts research and guidance on Zhengzhou Machinery

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2023-09-16 16:36

Shandong Province High-Quality Development Service Team conducts research and guidance on Zhengzhou Machinery


On the morning of September 26, the provincial high-quality development service team led by Zhang Daobao, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Government Affairs Administration, visited Shandong Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhengzhou Machinery) for on-site investigation and guidance. Member of the Standing Committee of the Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, Organization Minister Zhao Yiding, Pingyuan County Party Committee Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Yuan Zhiyong and other city and county leaders accompanied the investigation. Company Chairman Sun Baorui, Party Committee Secretary Zhang Haiqing and others received the reception.

On behalf of the company, Sun Baorui welcomed all leaders to visit for investigation and guidance. After leading the guests to visit the production workshop and exhibition hall, he briefly reported on the company's development, including a detailed description of a series of effective reforms and development plans implemented by the company's new leadership team. introduce. Zhengzhou Machinery is a leading enterprise in my country's machine tool accessories industry. It has a 60-year history of development. Its product quality ranks among the world's advanced levels and is exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. The Zhengzhou trademark was recognized as a "Well-known Trademark in China" by the Trademark Section of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2015. Since the beginning of this year, with the strong care and support of leaders at all levels, Zhengzhou Machinery has undergone a series of in-depth reforms including lean management, resource integration, equity structure adjustment, and all-round efficiency improvement. The company has radiated new vitality and reached the goal of doubling its output value in 2018. Target, this time the provincial high-quality development service team provided guidance to Zhengzhou Machinery, and Zhengzhou Machinery became more confident in its development.

According to the unified deployment of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee to carry out the work of "thousands of cadres working at the grassroots level", Shandong selected 1,000 cadres from provincial departments (units) to form 100 rural revitalization service teams and high-quality development service teams to serve in rural and private sectors. Enterprises and provincial enterprises carry out service work to help promote major strategic tasks such as high-quality development, rural revitalization, conversion of old and new driving forces, and poverty alleviation.

34 high-quality development service teams for private enterprises have been dispatched to 17 prefectures and cities in the province. Each team is led by one cadre at the department level and the corresponding rank, and consists of 9 cadres at the department level, department level, and the corresponding rank. They work in cities, counties (city, Service work is carried out under the leadership of the district) party committee, and each service team serves 5 enterprises. During this period, with a focus on promoting the implementation of the "Ten Opinions on Supporting the Healthy Development of the Non-Public Economy", we conducted in-depth research to help clarify development ideas, solve practical problems encountered, facilitate the conversion of old and new driving forces, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises do Be bigger and stronger.

Zhao Yiding pointed out that the provincial enterprise high-quality service team sent to connect with five enterprises including Zhengzhou Machinery will definitely play a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of private enterprises, accelerating the conversion of old and new driving forces, and improving the construction of grassroots party groups.

Yuan Zhiyong pointed out that Zhengzhou Machinery is the only company in Pingyuan County that has received guidance from the service team. He hopes that members of the service team will become familiar with the new working environment as soon as possible and bring the good experience, ideas and styles of provincial agencies to Pingyuan County and Zhengzhou Machinery. , to provide suggestions and suggestions for promoting high-quality development of plains.

Zhang Daobao said that after the service team was fully familiar with the situation of Zhengzhou Machinery, they put forward practical opinions and suggestions.